The command is - " EL"

  so type EL in the command section

Now, There are two methods of sketching ellipse -
   1) End point method.
   2) Center method.


      *Step 1-select first end point of ellipse.

Step 2 :-then select other end point of the length of the first axis   -                                                                                                                  

   Step 3:-now specify the second axis distance and then press enter.

    hence the ellipse is drawn in three easy steps.

 *Step 1:-Type 'EL' in command prompt and select center method as shown in the figure with red color below-

 * Step 2:- then specify the center of the ellipse-

  *Step 2:-then give distance for first endpoint -

  *Step 3:-specify  the other axis of ellipse -

    the ellipse is drawn by center method.


      *Step 1 :-write the command 'EL' and then select 'ARC' as in figure.

  *Step 2:-select first end point of ellipse -

  *Step 3:- now select other endpoint -

    *Step 4:- now select start point of the arc.

  *Step 5 -Then select end point of arc and arc will be drawn as in the picture below-

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