Fitter Tools and equipment used for Fitter work in fitting Workshop

Fitting shop is the place where the basics of engineering stats. All the basic tools are used in fitter shop. these tools are known as fitter tools. Most of the tools used in fitting tools is hand driven. To understand the base of manufacturing science and production engineering one need to be aware of these tools, there working operations and their uses.

List of fitting Workshop tools

there are many types of fitter tools classified on the basis of their working-

Measuring tool

2. Micrometer
3. Vernier Caliper
4. Steel rule
5. Guages
6. Set square
7. Bevel protractor

Cutting Tools

8. Hacksaw
9. File
10. Chisel
11. Drill
12. Reamer
13. Tap and Die

Non-Cutting Tools

16. Pliers
17. Screw driver
18. Wrench or Spanner
19. Punch
20. Scraper

Holding Tools

21. Vices
22. Clamps

Safety Tools

23. Apron
24. Safety goggles

Miscellaneous Tools 

25. Anvil
26. Surface Plate
27. V- Block
28. Level Spirit


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