Definition of Lost foam casting:-

The lost foam casting is very similar to the investment casting or lost wax casting. The difference is that in investment casting a pattern of foam is used the foam pattern is generally mad of polystyrene.

This casting process is a unique process to produce the unique products. This process is preferred over other conventional casting processes because the complex parts can be manufactured in an economical way.

 This process permits wide range of design possibilities as this process is feasible for complex shapes in a simple manner.

As far as environment is concerned, this process do not affect the environment too much i.e. it is an environment friendly casting process than any other conventional casting process. It is an economical replacement for conventional casting processes.

Process of Lost Foam Casting:-

1.       Initially, a pattern of foam is to be prepare. Depending on the size there can be different ways of producing replica of the product by the required material.

2.       After that a covering is required for the polystyrene foam to make the required mold. For this purpose a cluster is used which has the coating of the ceramic.

3.       After coating the ceramic is allowed to dry in the specific environment.

4.       Now, the pattern is transferred into the flask of sand .the sand used in this process is generally unbounded and un-tightened.

5.       Then the vibration is provided to the system so that we can get compacted mold.

6.       Now the process is same as any other casting processes. The molten metal is poured into the cavity and solidification time is provided to the system.

7.       When the material is poured the burning and evaporation of the foam material takes place
8.       Evaporation will cause the elimination of the foam from the casting mold.

9.       At last, after the solidification the material is took out of the mold by shaking of the part or by appropriate processes.

10.   Finishing can be done by different processes if the requirement occurs. And then we get the desired product.


1.       It allows the manufacturer to produce a large range of complex shapes.

2.       One of the most important benefit of this process is the high dimensional accuracy.

3.       Along with high dimensional accuracy outstanding surface finish can be provide to the casting product by this process.

4.       It permits the use of cores so the hollow casting objects can also be produced.

5.       One of the reason of using this technique over other casting process is the overall weight of the whole system to be used for this casting.

6.        Lost foam casting process is more economical than the investment casting or lost wax casting.
7.       It is environment friendly or safe to the environment.

8.       This process has the ability to produce the part with angles and undercuts.

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