In any automobile vehicle a speed or movement control system is very necessary. For the maneuver control the braking system is employed in the vehicle. Braking system functions for the stopping the vehicle and moving vehicle as per the occupant’s requirement. The quality of braking system or a good braking system is defined as the capability of stopping the vehicle within minimum possible space.

Conventionally, the brakes are made up of cast iron, which is good strength material. But it increases the overall weight and decreases the strength/weight ratio. In a vehicle to perform better, the strength to weight ratio matters. Grey cast iron causes heavy eight which reduces fuel efficiency, acceleration. So the overall performance is affected.

So because of these reasons the need of such braking system arises which has a high performance and light weight. Ceramic material is found suitable to meet such requirements. Ceramic material offers a good friction coefficient in the surfaces and performs its task in an efficient manner. In high speed vehicles ceramics can replace the other material used in braking system.

Ceramic material is a type of composite material. As a composite material, ceramic is best known for heat resistant quality. These characteristics is useful for braking system because the kinetic energy of the vehicle will changed into the heat. This heat needs to be dissipated as quickly as possible.

To obtain the ceramic material, the fiber material is reinforced with the silica. The mixture is allowed to cure for a definite time. The shape should be provided before curing by providing a mould to it.


  1. In the process of manufacturing ceramic disk brake the carbon fiber is used as matrix.
  2. As the carbon fiber produces a brittle material to form ceramic, so this problem is necessary to be eliminated.
  3. The carbon fiber is mixed with carbon powder and the resin is provided s a bonding material in the process of preparation.
  4. Then it is mixed with the silicon as a matrix material. Silicon would be in liquid form.
  5. When the material is mixed and composite are ready then it will be cured in a definite place and the required environment is provided such as temperature, pressure, mould to get the shape etc.
  6. After the curing the required result is obtained in the form of ceramic disc brake.


  1. High strength to weight ratio in the vehicle is the main feature of this technology.
  2. The overall weight can be reduced. It helps to maintain high acceleration in the automobile.
  3. It improves shock absorption quality.
  4. It has good capacity of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance and het resistance.
  5. Heavy maintenance is not required.
  6. Cooling system can be incorporated with the braking system.
  7. The life of the brakes is long lasting.


  1. The cost for incorporating this system is high. That is why it is used in high sped cars such as formula one etc.
  2. The problem of brittleness should be kept in mind and should be eliminated at the time of manufacturing.

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