the process of flash butt welding is given below so read its every single step. 


Flash butt welding is a resistance welding method and this is a type of butt welding as there are two method of butt welding. The principle of the material joining is same as any other process.

In the process the parts with similar cross section is forged to join in the presence of heat developed by the resistance between the parts as the current passes through. It is a solid state resistance welding process. The flux and filler material is not required in this process.

In the flash butt welding both the workpieces are clamped in the electrodes. In the spot or seam welding the workpieces are kept together in overlapping manner before welding but in flash butt welding the workpieces are clamped in electrodes separately. The electrode are brought together and the workpieces will brought in contact to each other and then the current flow takes place for the generation of heat. Hence we get the molten metal to join the material and then the force is applied by the electrodes on the clamped workpiece to maintain the sufficient pressure and the joining of parts will be completed.

In the resistance butt welding process the high amount of current is required. The large current is supplied and large heat is developed. When the temperature will be high enough then the workpieces are forced against each other and the joint is created.
In flash butt welding some important parameters are considered such as flash time and upset time.
Flash time is the duration of arc to be present between the parts when current is flowing through the material with pressure. Appropriate time duration is needed for arc to be sustained for better melting of the workpieces i.e. the flash time should be sufficient.
Upset time is the duration of force or pressure applied in the workpieces against each other. It should be sufficient enough to get the required welding joint and to obtain required properties in the material and good welding joint, otherwise the bonding between the parts would be week.
The flash butt welding is very reliable process as it increases the productivity of welding and it is used for many material joining purposes.


  1. The process is very suitable for moderate and small parts.
  2. Filler material is not used so the process saves the cost and make the process economical.
  3. The process can be implemented for mass production.
  4. Flame is not used so there is no pollution by fumes and harmful gases.
  5. Flux is not used.
  6. High production rate can be achieved by this process.
  7. Parts with good weld quality can be produced.
  8. The overall process is an economical and environment friendly process.  


  1. Attention and care is required by the operator because of material splash.
  2. Proper Control and guiding of electrode is needed continuously. Otherwise welding defects may occur.   
  3. The limitation of size is there. Very large cross section and very small cross section may be difficult to weld.

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