Wall climbing robot is an edition of mobile robots. Mobile robot is not a new technology nowadays. Wall climbing robots can be very useful for the task to be done at high altitudes.

 The wall climbing robots can be useful for construction work, for cleaning tall buildings, checking high rise storage tanks.

In this robot we can add different tools to perform various types of operations. Suppose we want to do welding at the top of a tower which has a huge height. In this case wall climbing robots can be very useful. One can attach the welding tools in the wall climbing and the robot can be accessible in such situations where welding can be performed.

In the same way these robots can be useful for pick and place operations for large height differences. Many other such operation can be performed easily with these kind of robots.

Wall climbing robots can perform the operation which are very difficult and dangerous for human.
The reasons and applications mentioned above are the cause which results the research development of many vertical climbing robots all over the world.


Wall climbing robots can be classified on the basis of climbing mechanism. Generally, there are two types of mechanisms.

1. Locomotive mechanism
2. Adhesive mechanism

Locomotive mechanism robots are incorporated with track heel mechanism, legged mechanism and sliding mechanism. Legged mechanism facilitate the robot to walk on the irregular surfaces. Sliding mechanism can be useful for discontinuous motion of the robot but these two methods have slow sped of robot. For a faster speed, track wheel mechanism is preferred. In this mechanism suction pads are connected with a chain. The suction pads will be organized by solenoid valve for even distribution of pressure.

Adhesive mechanism establishes the connection with vertical surfaces using magnetism, suction etc. if we want to use magnetic force then we need specific environment i.e. ferro-magnetism on the wall in which the robot is to climb.

First of all a drafting or sketching design should be created. In th sketching all the necessary elements should be included. All dimension should be specified. All parts of the robot should be sketched properly.
 basically, you need to develop a perfect engineering drawing to make a true vehicle climbing robot. In the drafting one needs to specify what size and weight of robot you want to build.
according to that you can decide size of legs, frame or upper segments, no. of legs, type of mechanism etc.

the important things to build the robot are-
  • motor controller
  • micro controller
  • gear motors
  • toggle switch
  • raw material to build the frame.
  • power supply unit.
  • tools like drill m/c, pliers, cutting tool etc.

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