Material to manufacture a gear is selected as per the strength needed. the material that can sustain a wear and noise etc. Based on the requirement, the metal or nonmetal material can be choosen for gear manufacturing.

Metals like Steel, cast iron, bronze and a non metal like wood, compressed paper, synthetic resins etc can be choosen as the material for gear manufacturing. Non metallic gear material is preferred when there is a need to reduce the noise in the gear operation.

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Gear Terminology

Gear material properties
To select an appropriate material for gear, it should have following properties
1. Good machinability
2. High tensile Strength to bear the load and prevent failure
3. Coefficient of friction should be low.
4. High endurance to wear dynamic loads.

Factors to select gear material
There are many factors on the basis of which a gear material should be selected.
Strength, durability, machinability, endurance, cost are some factors under which a material can be selected.

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