Hammer is a hand tool used to provide a sudden impact to an object. hammer is processed by just hitting an object or delivering a blow to it. the plastic deformation can be provided to an object by delivering a blow by a hammer. hammer is not always used for plastic deformation. hammers are useful for forging a material. Hammers are available in many shape and sizes.
The hammer is classified by its shape, size, type of purpose by it.

Hammer is considered to be the first well defined mechanical tool in human civilization. It's structure is very simple. Generally it contains two part i.e. Head and a handle. head is a part which has two faces. in most of the hammer types, both faces are of different Shape. In the head a hole is provided in which the handle is inserted. Handle is a wooden rod which is used for gripping the hammer.  
in the recent times market, needs, purposed and research have undergone a huge changes and developments. That's why there are many unconventional types of hammer is available in the market. We are not going to discuss all of them. In this post the traditional types of hammer is discussed  

Classification of Hammer

Hammers are simply classified into two categories
1. Hard Hammer
  1. Ball Peen Hammer
  2. Cross Peen Hammer
  3. Straight Peen Hammer
  4. Claw Peen Hammer or Nail Peen Hammer
  5. Sledge Hammer
2. Soft Hammer
  1. Mallet
  2. Brass hammer
  3. Wooden Hammer

Hard Faced hammer 

Hard hammer are those which is made of tough steel. It can endure higher force or pressure. in fact, it can deliver a massive blow to an object. These hammers can be used for plastic deformation in a material. Hard hammer is important tool for forging Process. there are mainly five types of hard-faced Hammer-

1. Ball Peen Hammer

Ball peen hammer two different shapes in both ends of head. one end has a simple faces structure which is round and concave in shape. the other side is one on which the name of the hammer is based. The other end has a ball-shaped peen structure. this ball peen structure helps when impact is needed in a single and particular point.

2. Cross Peen Hammer

Cross-peen hammer has a wedge shape at one end of its head. The Face of this wedge is perpendicular to the handle. the other end of the hammer has same concave round shape as in Ball peen hammer. cross peen hammer is useful in metalworking processes.

3. Straight Peen Hammer

Straight peen hammer also has wedge shape same as cross peen hammer but its angle will be different the wedge will be parallel to the handle. So the wedge will be rotated at 90 degrees with respect to cross peen hammer. Straight peen hammer is also used for metal working.

4. Claw Peen Hammer or Nail Peen hammer

Claw Peen hammer is used to pull out the nails from an object that has been inserted in that object previously.The head of the claw peen hammer has a pointed element which is also rounded, between that a 'V' shaped space is provided. The nail will be bring between this space and later it will be pulled out. the 'V' shape helps to pull out different sizes of nails.

5. Sledge Hammer

Sledge hammer is a heavyweight tool used for heavy works. both ends of the hammer is same in size. the length of the handle is larger than other hammers. Sledgehammer is used in forging process. It can break or deform metals.

Soft Faced Hammer

Soft-faced hammer is those which are made of the material other than steel. less hard material is used with a soft hammer. they are generally made up of rubber, plastic, wood, brass etc.


Mallet is a soft faced hammer. its head is made up of nonmetallic material like rubber, hard plastic etc. this hammer is used to deliver a less pressurized blow to an object. As hard hammer can be used for deformation of a material, unlike them soft hammer is used to manage shift or placement of an object at right place without deforming that object. Fitters use the mallet in the machine or any part where the soft blow is required. Generally, both the sides of had same shapes.  

Brass Hammer

Brass hammer is a metallic hammer but here it is classified in soft hammer category because the brass hammer cannot be used for heavy works like forging. generally, brass Hammer is used by gold-smiths to manage tasks with gold. As gold and silver are soft metals so the brass hammer is appropriate option to deal with such metals.

Wooden Hammer

The structure and application of wood hammer are same as mallet hammer. the difference is material by which it is made of. instead of rubber or plastic wood is used. carpenters use this hammer.

Gavel is also a hammer made of wood, gavel is a hammer used by judges in court.


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