Heat is the prime form of energy. in our daily life there is lot of use of heat energy. in fact, we can't imagine life without it. some basic sources of heat is given below.


It is the ultimate source of heat and energy. It is the natural and biggest source of heat. the whole mankind  and life of humans, animals and every living things depends on the sun. the heat released by sun is transformed in many ways to make it useful for different purposes.

in the sun due to nuclear fusion process energy is generated. when two atoms of hydrogen combines together to make a helium atom some amount of energy is released

Heat inside the earth (Geothermal Energy or Geothermal Heating)

the earth is assume to be the part  of sun which separated from sun at the time of big bang. initially earth was a burning planet. which cool down slowly. the surface of the earth is now cool but the temperature inside the earth is very high. This heat can be extracted from earth.

the conduction of metal is used to extract the heat energy fom earth. A long wire is inserted to the earth such that one end of the wire would be at the place where high temperature is available and other end will be at the earth surface. the wire should be good conducter of heat. Due to conduction of heat it is transfered to the earth surface from inside the earth. This is a clean and unconventional source of energy.

Friction of mechanical work

when the mechanical work is done always some heat is generated due to friction. this source of heat is being used from ancient times. while two stones or metal pieces are collide together a spark is generated. when both of our palms are rubbed together we can feel the heat. Likewise there are other method to generate the heat on big scale.

Chemical reactions

in the chemical reaction sometimes we have to provide heat for the reactions and sometimes heat is released by the chemicals as a result of their reaction.
when sodium comes in contact with water it starts burning, in the same way phosphorus starts burning when it comes in contact with air. in both the reactions heat is being released. there are many chemical reactions by which the useful heat energy can be extracted.

Heat released during phase change 

when a material changes its phase from gas to liquid or from liquid to solid, the process releases some amount of heat. it is a reverse process of converting solid to liquid and liquid to gas by providing heat to it.

Heat produced by electricity

it is obtained by the resistance of the electricity of the medium in which electricity is flowing. when  electicity flows in a resistance wire, due to resistance the wire gets heated and amount of heat is generated in the system.

Nuclear fission

In the nuclear fission reactions, Due to series process a large amount of heat is generated. in the nuclear furnaces this type of heat is generated and controlled. In the atom bombs or nuclear bombs this type of heat energy is used.

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