1. Gas Welding:-

                           The animation below is showing the process of Gas welding.
gas welding animation

      *In this process two materials will be joined with or without filler rod.
      *Two cylinders having oxygen and acetylene gases are used.
      *As in the animation, filler rod will be melted and material is filled in the specified gap                 between two material to join them.

2. Solid-State Welding:-

                                              in these type of welding the temperature will be below the meltinf point of the materials.

      The types of solid state welding are gives below-

     a)Friction Welding:-

                    *in this, one component is stationary and one is rotating.
                    *thus the relative motion takes places and  heat is generated by friction.
                    * the materials can be same or dissimilar.



      b)Explosive welding:-

                              *in this the heat is generated with the help of explosive
                              *both the specimen will be kept at an angle.
                              *explosive will be kept at angled specimen and then burnt .
                              *then that specimen will be forced towards second specimen.
                              *the heat generated from explosion will help to produce joint.


    c)Ultrasonic Welding:-

3.Resistance welding:-

   a)Spot welding:-

b)Seam Welding:-


c)Projection Welding:-

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