The command to draw a circle is  - 'C'.

or one can click on the circle on tool bar as shown in the figure.

*After giving command you have to select the center of the circle

   *then select ane point of circle by mouse or type the length of the radius then press enter key.

     There are three another types or methods of drawing circle as per requirement given below-
     1. 3P.
     2. 2P.
     3. TTR(tengent tengent radius).
   these types are shown below.

1.3P(Three point method):-
            In this method three point are to be selected from the circle is passing through.
        *Select firt point. 

         *Select Second point.

        *Select third point and the circle is drawn.

  2. 2P Method:-
                           In this methd the circle is drawn with two points. the distance between two points is diameter.

     finally the circle will look like as below-

3.TTR (tengent tangent radius method):-
                           In this method the circle is drawn for two tangent and for a given radius.

          *first draw two lines as a tangent for circle.

       *then- select one point on first line and another point on second line, give the radius length.
           - finally it will look like below-

NOTE:- In the begening practice with command e.g.(for line-'L', for circle-'C').it will be benifitial for learning.

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