Nuclear power is a power generated by nuclear reaction in which the amount of energy is liberated. The electricity is generated using turbines in the nuclear power plants. Nuclear reactors are installed, where the nuclear reaction occurs. The energy developed from reactors is removed and transferred to the turbines in an appropriate form and then turbine will generate the electricity. The nuclear reaction are fission, fusion and decay that happens inside the nuclear reactors in a nuclear power plant.

 The fuel is used as a source of energy in the nuclear reactors. The most common fuel is ‘uranium’. In the reaction the atom will breaks into parts. As a result, the heat energy is liberated. This energy is used to generate electrical energy. The breaking or splitting of atoms is referred as nuclear fission reaction. In a nuclear power plant a system is needed to eliminate the heat produced in the reactors. For this purposes, the cooling tower are generally associated with nuclear power plant. If water resources in huge amount is available near to the nuclear power plant then it can be used for the cooling process in the nuclear power plant. The process of producing nuclear energy is very similar to any other thermal energy generation process. As like other thermal process generate the energy from fossil fuels, the nuclear energy is produced by using nuclear fuels like uranium.
Schematic diagram of  Nuclear Power plant


  1. Harmful and polluting gases are not produced in the nuclear power plant so it is environment friendly method of producing energy.
  2. For the nuclear power plant, the less space area is required than any other thermal energy production method.
  3. Higher plant efficiency can be achieved in the nuclear power plant so good amount of energy can be produced.
  4. The cooling process of the gases is easy because large amount of cooling media is not required.
  5. The efficiency is high because the fuel will be used is a lesser amount. And the energy obtained in a large quantity.
  6. Less number of equipment is used.


  1. The radioactive particles is produced in the process which needs to be disposed successfully. Otherwise, it can be very harmful for the environment.
  2. A very strong storage system is required for the storage of nuclear radioactive waste that can store the wastages for a very long time.
  3. The plant setup cost is high.
  4. Proper and periodical maintenance is required for which the cost is high
  5. Skilled manpower is necessary and proper training should be provided to all manpower in the plant.
  6. The waste material should be examined appropriately for any leakage.

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