Autotronics can be defined as the combination of automobile and electronics or we can say that the use of electronics science in automobile vehicles is called autotronics. A lot of research and implementation had been done in this context to make the design of automobiles easier.

 The use of electronics in the automobile field makes the system safe, improved and efficient. In a vehicle almost all significant parts are featured with electronic items. 

New developments are coming very frequently in this field because there no limitations in the development of new autotronics. It helps to improve overall automobile system.

 At present, in the new generation automobiles almost 75%-85% of automobile parts are embedded with electronics system.

The main areas of automobiles using autotronics are engine controlling system, airbags, antilock braking system, lightening interiors, GPS, music systems etc.

The application area of autotronics is very vast, brakes, steering system, engine controlling unit, transmission and suspension in the vehicles are the main phases where autotronics are used.

The use of these technologies has given a phenomenal revolution in the automobile industry from past few decades. The gradual improvements in systems causes the new features in reduced cost.

In the autotronic systems the use of control units like sensors, motors and digital equipment establishes a communication between the various essential system and components of the vehicle.
The various systems are given below 

1. Autotronic braking system/Electronic braking system

The braking system in such a system is denoted s EBS (electronic braking system). A braking system is defined by its stopping distance.

 The system with shortest stopping distance is considered the best braking system. So the development phase in the braking system is to minimize the stopping distance of vehicle but without compromising the safety. 

The ECB solve these purposes with an advance control system. The anti-lock braking system and traction control system are the essential components of ECB. 

ABS is responsible for maneuver control by deciding the braking pressure and wheel rotation control. 

Traction means providing movement or acceleration to a vehicle. So, to control the acceleration the control on traction system should be applied. This system controls the movement of wheel and its steadiness.

2. Control of steering system

In the vehicle the power steering system is used. Which maintains the communication between pressure applied by steering system on the hydraulic pump and the speed of the automobile.

 The EPS (electric power steering) uses sensors and motors, which controls the maneuver. Motor controls the steering motions and sensors gives signal to the wheels by analyzing the speed and torque.

 3. Suspension system

 Suspension system makes the ride on vehicle shock free, comfortable and safe. There are three types of suspension system 1. Passive, 2. Semi active, and 3. Active suspension system. 

The important task of the system is to dissipate the heat produced in the system due to friction. The conventional method of suspension is called passive suspension and when we add electronic sensors and hydraulic system then its performance increases and it is called active suspension system.

4. Transmission control

The transmission of gearing system controls the shifting of gears. Using the electronic gear transmission improves the shifting operation and increases the fuel efficiency by reducing the losses.

5. Electronic control of fuel intake in engine

The electronic system used to analyze the amount of fuel to supply to the cylinder of engine so that the maximum efficiency can be achieved with minimum loss of energy. 


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