Hi friends in the another post, we have discussed about types of dies used for manufacturing. Basically the types of dies depends on the type of operation in the press machine. So we will discuss the type of operations in the sheet metal component by press machine.

Type of operations in the press machine

There are many operations which can be performed in the sheet metal. They are divided in the two categories i.e. 1) cutting operations 2) non cutting operations or Forming Operation.

Cutting operations in press machine

The operations in which sheet metal component is divided into several parts is called cutting operations. Some important cutting operations are given below-

1) Blanking Operation

This is one of the cutting process. In which the punch tool is imposed or pressed in a specimen to cut the material. In blanking the punched part will be the useful product and the remaining will be the scrap part.

Blanking Operation

2) Piercing Operation

This is same process as blanking. In this process the holes are cut by press machine. But in piercing the punched part will be the scrap and remaining would be useful product.

piercing operation

3) Notching Operation

In the notching process the material is removed from the edges of the specimen. The press is applied and scrap is removed by cutting action from the edge of the work piece.

Notching Operation

4) Parting off

In this cutting process material is removed from one specimen to make two useful products by cutting action.

5) Lancing operation

In this cutting process the material is not removed totally from the specimen. In a rectangular cut three side cutting operation is done. The remaining side is used for bending.

6) Cut off

If the cutting action is done along a line, it is simply referred as cut off.

7) Perforating Operation

In this cutting process, maximum holes are tried to cut in a single stroke of press. This is a kind of piercing process to cut maximum holes.

8) Cropping

This is cutting action to control the movement of the strip.

9) Nibbling Operation

In this process the successive holes are created by punching. The required size of sheet is created through punching. This is done when the die to cut the sheet is not available or the size of required product is large. This process can also be done by drilling the holes in the specimen.

10) Louvering

This process in consist of cutting and forming process. In this one edge is operated with cutting action and three edges are cut by forming operation.

11) Trimming

This process is to remove the extra unwanted material from a drawn component.

12) Shaving

This is a finishing operation to be performed on the blanked or pierced parts.

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Non Cutting Operation Or Forming Operation In The Press Machine

These operation are generally forming operations. In which the shape of material is changed by plastic deformation. Some of these operation is described below

1) Bending

In this operation the sheet metal is pressed to bend at an angle. The bending tool is designed to fix a certain bending angle for mass production.

2) Embossing

Embossing is the process of producing a shallow forming of identical thickness.

3) Drawing

It is process of changing the blanked part into hollow vessel. This definition is regarding sheet metal because Drawing is also a forming operation.

4) Coining

Process of making impressions and/or depressions in the specimen by press machine tool is called coining.

5) Engraving

It is a process to insert a text on the surface of metal sheet. If someone want to write something on the metal sheet, this process is used. The tool will press the metal to dig out a text.

6) Bulging

In this the height of a cup shaped component is decreased. This happens due to the expansion of cup along a narrow band.

7) Seaming

This is the process of forcing the material along to the periphery of a hollow cylinder.

8) Curling

It is the process to turn the edge inside to a segment.

9) Hemming

It is a process to join the two sheets of metal by interlock them with each other.
Sheet metal industry is very big in the field of manufacturing. Most automobile parts are of sheet metal. So every mechanical geek should know about these operations.

These are the cutting and forming processes performed in press machine shop in press tool. these operation in largely used in Automobile industry.

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