Press is very important machine of manufacturing industry. The sheet metal industries fully dependent on press machines. Press provides Metal cutting operation in just one blow.

In the Press machines die is used.It is designed according to the design of the product that you want to manufacture. Press can perform many operations. To read these operations please click here.

The main components of press machine are described below.


The lower part of press machine is called bed. It is like a table which bears all the load of press. It is stationery portion. Boister plate is mounted on this part.

Boister plate

The part which is used to Mount the die assembly is called boister plate. It support the die block and locate it at right place.

Die set 

It is an assembly which has two or more parts. It is Design according to the final product required. It is usually have one upper part and one lower part.

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Die block

This part has the cavity of required part.

Lower Shoe

Die block is mounted on the lower Shoe and lower shoe is mounted on the boister plate. So basically it is the lower part of the shoe.


This part is fastened with the moving part Ram in the press. This is male part of die set which produce required shape in the component with the use of pressure.

Upper shoe

The upper part of die set is called upper shoe.

Punch plate 

The punch plate is one which uphold the punch. It is also called panch retainer.

Backup plate

This place is used tu prevent the excessive pressure that damages the die. This place distributes the pressure in a wide area of plate to decrease the intensity of pressure. Therefore it prevents the punch holder from crushing.


This is a plate used to hold the specimen on the die. It strip out the metal strip off the punches.

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