the cutting operations in the sheet metal is basically done on press machine. for cutting a material a tool is required. the tool is designed through the analysis of the final product requirement. there are many types of operations and for many operations there are many types of tools. based on the product design the strength, dimensions, material and capacity of the tool is decided during tool design. here we will discuss all basic cutting operations of press machine. the cutting causes due to shearing action in the sheet metal by press tool.

Cutting Operation In Press Machine On Sheet Metal 

The operations in which sheet metal component is divided into several parts is called cutting operations. Some important cutting operations are given below-


This is most basic cutting process in the sheet metal. In which the punching tool mounted on press machine is imposed or pressed in the sheet metal to cut the material. In blanking the punched part will be the useful product and the remaining material with hole will be the scrap part.


The operation is same as blanking process. In this process the holes are cut by press machine. But in piercing the punched part will be the scrap and remaining would be useful product. so it can be said that it is inverse of blanking process.


when the material is removed from the edges of the sheet metal the operation is called Notching. The press is imposed and scrap is removed by cutting action from the edge of the specimen.

Parting Off

In this cutting process material is removed from one specimen to make two useful products by cutting action.


In this process the successive holes are created by punching. The required size of sheet is created through punching. This is done when the die to cut the sheet is not available or the size of required product is large. This process can also be done by drilling the holes in the specimen.

Cut Off

If the cutting action is done along a line, it is simply referred as cut off.


In this cutting operation, the material is not removed totally from the specimen. In a rectangular cut three side cutting operation is done. The remaining side is used for bending.


This is cutting action to control the movement of the strip.


In this cutting process, maximum holes are tried to cut in a single stroke in press machine. This is a kind of piercing process to cut maximum holes in the flat sheet metal. Series of piercing operations is performed in a single stroke.


This process is to remove the extra unwanted material from a drawn component, when some material is unwanted in the work piece.


This process in a combination of cutting and forming operations. In this one edge is operated with cutting action and three edges are cut by forming operation.


This is a finishing operation to be performed on the blanked or pierced parts. the tool for this operation is different from other press operation tools.

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