The ECU ( electronic control unit ) is used to control the valves, injectors and flow of fuel. The control flow by ECU will help the engine in proper combustion and higher efficiency.

In this Technology the fuel efficiency of the engine is improved. This engine produces power and torque in lower Revolution range then TDI.

In the field of automobile there is a lot of research going on especially for the diesel engines. CR4 Technology is one of the result of this research. There is a lot of market shifting from petrol engines to diesel engines. That is why all the leading automobile companies doing research to improve the performance of diesel engines. 

Which Engine is better cr4 or tdi

As CR4 is an advance technology as compare to the TDI engine. and it can produce more power and torque in less revolutions. the fuel Efficiency of CR4 engine is also better than TDI.
So above criterion makes CR4 technology a better selection over TDI engine in an automobile.

What is the difference between quadrajet engine and CR4 engine

there is a very crucial difference between these two engines of Power and Torque. the Quardrajet engine produced more power than CR4 engine. Quadrajet is a type of CRDI technology which works smoother than the CR4 engine. CR4 has a low cost. as the life of both the engines are same, so choosing the CR4 technology is Economical.

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