It is a water purification system. In the system electrical current used to remove the dissolved constituents. It can verify the water total suspended solids, high silica, dissolved salts etc.

EDR Features

Design to recover high water volume and it generates low concentrate volume for disposal.

Reverse osmosis more responsive than the system.

Membranes used in this process is very durable.

It reduces the waste discharges and uses most of the water volume.

The treatment of water is very efficient and the rejection of the unwanted material is very effective.

Electrodialysis Process

It is a water purification process in which remembrance is used the different ions when travel through this semipermeable membranes. Electric current will be used in this membranes to purify the water.

The membranes will have the capability to select cation or anion, so it can select which ion should pass through the membrane or which should not.

In the Electrodialysis system multiple membranes used. These membranes well alternatively arranged so that positive or negative ions can pass through alternatively and The unwanted ions can be removed.

After passing through the membrane the ions will be separated and collected in two columns. One column will have the salty water. This  salty water Can be recirculated again to purified it. The process can be repeated until the optimum result is obtained.

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