This mechanism has four links. if be replace one link of four bar mechanism with slider having a higher pair with the fixed link.then the mechanism will become the crank slider mechanism.

a crank will be connected with the fixed link that will have complete rotation. a connecting rod will connect the slider with the crank. the element are arranged such that when crank will revolve the slider will have to and fro or reciprocatory motion. the whole mechanism is used to convert the rotary motion into the reciprocating motion. the rotation of crank is Input and reciprocation of slider is output.

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Inversion of crank slider mechanism

the inversion of crank slider is following

First inversion (crank fixed)

When link 2 i.e. Crank is fixed instead of link 1, the mechanism and its nature will be changed. mechanism  will fixed crank is used in many applications.

Rotary engine

In this engine a number of crank slider are used. So this is a combination of more than one crank slider mechanism in which the crank part is fixed and there is a single common crank for all the sliders. All the connecting rods will be connected to that single fixed Crank. The slider will be placed at different pistons and they will rotate inside the piston.

Whitworth quick return motion mechanism

whitworth quick return motion is very important because it is used in a very elementary machine tool i.e. Shaper machine. In the mechanism crank is fixed.
There will be another driving crank in the mechanism. The important part in the mechanism is a slotted Lever by which the driving crank is connected at the end. at the other end a connecting rod is employed to connect a ram which has a cutting tool.
In a complete revolution of the slotted Lever the tool will have one forward stroke and one backwards stroke this whole mechanism will be placed in a shaper or slotter machine for material removal purpose by a cutting tool.

Second inversion (Connecting rod fixed)

the example is given below

Crank and slotted Lever mechanism

This mechanism is obtained when connecting rod is made fix. This machine is also used in shaper or slotter machine to provide a reciprocating motion to the cutting tool of the machine.

Link one will be in the form of a slotter in which link 4 i.e. the slider will reciprocate. The slotter Will have a reciprocating Motion from point A to B. Another connecting rod is employed in which a cutting tool is placed. The reciprocating motion of slotted lever will be transferred to the tool for cutting purposes.

Third inversion (Slider fixed)

the example is given below

Pump or bull engine

In this the slider element is fixed. When hot the Crank of the mechanism will rotate as input the connecting rod will reciprocate in a certain range about a point where the connecting rod is pivoted with the fixed link.

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