Cam and Follower Mechanism is a widely used method of motion transformation. Cam follower is also known as 'Track Follower'.

Cam is a rotating element Which provides an oscillation or reciprocatory motion to another part connected with the cam. Another part associated with the cam is called 'follower'.

Cam And Follower: Source

The cam rotates about an axis and the follower is attached to it with a point contact. Basically, the cam and the follower makes a higher pair together.

To make a set of cam and follower first we need to determine the required motion of the follower. When we know the path of the follower, then the shape of the cam will be designed. The design g the cam would be based on the length of the path which follower has to proceed and also to the speed of the movement. The rotation of the cam would be at uniform speed.

The cam and follower mechanism are widely used in automobile industry. For example, inlet and the outlet port of i.c. engines, feed mechanism in the lathe machine etc are the mechanism of cam and follower. This mechanism is very important in modern day engineering to incorporate a system with controlled movement. 

Types of Cam and Follower

The classification of the cam and follower is based on many factors. these factors and the types of the cam follower is described below

Types of Cams

the types of cams are generally based on their shapes.
  1. Cylindrical Cams
  2. Disc-shaped or Radial cams
  3. Spherical Cams

Types of Followers

Followers are classified as per the factors are given below

According to surface contact

  1. Knife Edge follower
  2. Flat faced follower
  3. Roller Follower
  4. Spherical Follwer

According to types of motion of the Follower

  1. Oscillatory Motion Follower
  2. Reciprocating follower

Based on the path of motion of the follower

  1. Radial Follower
  2. Off-Set Follower

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cam and Follower

It is an accurate design mechanism with a higher standard method of motion transformation.

the elements used in the mechanism are usually durable and long lasting.

Load Carrying capacity of cam and follower is excellent.


The higher accuracy of machine element is required. Especially for rotary motion is required as input to the mechanism

Applications of Cam Follower mechanism

Cam and follower mechanism mostly used in the Automobile vehicles. The inlet and the exhaust valve is controlled by cam and follower in the I.C. engine.

A very simple use of cam follower can be seen in wall clocks

In the textile industries, this mechanism is used for weaving purpose.

In the automatic lathe machine, It is used in the feed mechanism.

This is a short description of cam and follower. The cam follower Mechanism is a broad topic because of its wide area of applications.


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