Powder manufacturing is a production method for manufacturing different products or articles. In this manufacturing method, powdered metal is used. this Powdered metal is placed in a shaping mold and then compressive loads are applied to make the material settle down permanently. The process of powder manufacturing involves the manufacture of metal powder, blending, compacting, sintering. After that other finishing operation like grinding machining can be performed on the product. The heat treatment can be performed on the product to provide some strength to it.the heat treatment makes the particles of the metal powder to bind with each other. Powder metallurgy process is preferred for higher mass production because this makes it economical. 

Powder metallurgy process 

1. Collection of metallic powder 
2. blending of metallic Powder to get it'is required form. 
3. Compacting of the powdered metal in the required form
4. Sintering of the compacted material in an appropriate atmosphere.
5. heat treatment in the material if required any.
6. final finishing processes if required.

What is Sintering in Powder metallurgy process

Sintering in the powder metallurgy is done when the metal powder is compressed or compacted. in the compacted material the temperature is raised. but it is kept below the melting point of that material. The workpiece is to be kept in the controlled atmosphere up to an appropriate time. Sintering provides strength to the final product.

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